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What is a pericardial window procedure?

May 30, 2022

In the pericardial window procedure, the doctors surgically remove a tiny piece of the sac – pericardium of your heart that lets them drain extra fluid from it. The pericardium is a fibrous sac that envelops the heart. It is a two-layered pouch with a small volume of fluid in them. The function of this […]

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Understanding Normal vs Abnormal Echocardiogram Results

May 15, 2022

The knowledge about echocardiograms is a valuable skill that medical professionals possess. You may or may not have them at your disposal when needed. If you are a cardiac patient, then this blog will come in handy for you. We have detailed certain basics regarding what an echocardiogram is, normal vs abnormal results etc. An […]

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Anxiety And Weight Loss: How Are They Connected?

Apr 15, 2022

Sad but true, stress is a widespread problem among adults and children. For many, it can even impact their body weight. Anxiety can cause weight gain or weight loss and can be different for every person and every situation. Some people may skip meals due to stress or opt for unhealthy foods. And for others, […]

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Recovering After Pacemaker Surgery: What To Do And What Not

Mar 30, 2022

A pacemaker helps your heart maintain a consistent beat. During a pacemaker insertion, your doctor will make an incision in the skin to place the pacemaker. Recovering from pacemaker surgery includes several restrictions that are necessary to follow to ensure proper healing. What are the restrictions after pacemaker surgery? During the insertion of the pacemaker, […]

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All About Burning Sensation in Lungs

Mar 15, 2022

Did it ever occur that you’re sitting reading your book, and suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your chest? A burning sensation that makes you feel your lungs are on a stove? Ever happened? No matter how scary it seems at first, a burning sensation in the lungs is usually not dangerous. However, you […]

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Chest Pain After Eating – Is It A Heart Attack?

Feb 28, 2022

Let’s face it, at this time and day, our diets are not healthy. A considerable part is dedicated to processed foods which are incredibly unhealthy. In such circumstances, chest pain after eating is common, but is it heartburn or a heart attack? How can we distinguish between the two, and what are non-cardiac chest pains? […]

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7 Causes of Fluid Around the Heart

Feb 15, 2022

The layer surrounding your heart, called pericardium, protects the functions of the heart. An injury or infection to this layer can cause fluid to build up between the sensitive layers. This condition is known as pericardial effusion. Fluid around the heart puts pressure on this organ and hinders the effective pumping of blood. If left […]

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Right Upper Quadrant Pain Under Ribs – Is it an Emergency?

Jan 30, 2022

Do you experience sharp pain under your right rib cage and are unsure whether to take it seriously? The part of your body below your right rib cage is the upper right quadrant (RUQ). Pain in this area can affect nearby organs, including the right kidney, gallbladder, and liver. Although not every kind of pain […]

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Premature Atrial Contractions – Causes and Symptoms Explained

Dec 30, 2021

If you ever feel that your heart skips a beat, there is a chance that it was a heartbeat that came sooner than you expected. Many people experience this in their lifetime. Physiologically, the heart does not actually skip a beat; it has a premature contraction. These contractions are of two types, premature atrial contractions […]

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Why Do I Have Pain Between Shoulder Blades and Chest?

Dec 15, 2021

There are many reasons because of which you experience pain between shoulder blades – upper back and chest together. The causes range from heart issues to other body parts like the digestive system. Some of the reasons might not require emergency care. However, you should seek help if the pain occurs suddenly and does not […]

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