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What Is The Role Of A Pacemaker For AFib?

Jan 30, 2024

If you have heard your cardiologist talking about AFib, it simply means that your heart is beating out of rhythm. It is a condition in which the heart’s normal beating deviates, resulting in inadequate blood pumping. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions to cater to this; from medications to pacemakers, the range is quite wide. A […]

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Why Should You Avoid Alcohol While Taking Lisinopril?

Jan 15, 2024

Having a list of questions when you start blood pressure medications is completely okay. If you are a casual drinker, we understand your query regarding taking medications like lisinopril with alcohol. The answer to this depends on various factors like medical history, age, and concurrent medications. Let’s discuss the link between this specific drug used […]

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What Abnormal Stress Test Results Mean for Your Heart Health

Dec 30, 2023

Stress tests are exercise tests performed on treadmills for diagnostic purposes aiming to assess how well your heart functions under stress during physical activity. If you or your loved one is about to go through it, we understand the urge to know how to interpret readings and what to do if the stress test results […]

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Top 10 Pre Heart Attack Warning Signs To Look Out For

Dec 15, 2023

Did you know that as you read these lines, after every 40 seconds, someone in The US is experiencing a heart attack? Yes, that’s true! This sums up to almost 800,000 heart attack episodes each year! The reality of an episode is quite different from what we see on TV; not all heart attacks are […]

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How Long Can You Live With A Biventricular Pacemaker?

Nov 30, 2023

There are many ways to measure how well your heart is working, one of which is the ejection fraction. It is a vital tool commonly expressed as a percentage that determines the amount of blood pumped out by the heart’s left ventricle. A normal value between 50-60% signifies a healthy blood supply to the body. […]

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Is An Irregular Heartbeat a Cause of Concern?

Nov 15, 2023

If you have been sensing erratic behavior of your heart and wondering whether or not it’s normal to have these flutters, put your mind to rest first. Your heart beating irregularly means you might be dealing with an arrhythmia, a condition that affects the speed and pattern of your heartbeats. So, if the next question […]

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What Are The Purpose And Functions Of The Heart?

Oct 30, 2023

Your heart is a vital organ of the body; on average, your heart beats around 100,000 times a day and circulates about 5.6 liters of blood throughout the body three times a minute, known as the heartbeat that begins with deoxygenated blood collecting in your right atrium. As the central part of the circulatory system, […]

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What Is Hypertension?

Oct 15, 2023

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, occurs when blood flows through the blood vessels with excessive force, which is not considered healthy. This can damage the artery and blood vessel walls, resulting in dangerous complications that can gradually affect other vital organs. Before jumping to the main subject, it is important to know how […]

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Being Aware Of Nuclear Cardiology

Sep 30, 2023

In the United States, over 500,000 people succumb to coronary artery disease annually. Fortunately, significant progress has been made in detecting and managing heart disease over the past twenty years. Nuclear cardiology, a specialized field within cardiology, utilizes advanced medical imaging techniques and radioactive materials to assess, analyze, and treat heart conditions. This approach has […]

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Foods To Eat For High Blood Pressure?

Sep 15, 2023

High blood pressure or Hypertension should be taken seriously as it can lead to heart diseases such as heart stroke and kidney disease. Your blood pressure is also an essential indicator of your overall health as the heart is the leading supplier of blood and in this case, if the flow of blood pressure remains […]

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