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What’s The Difference Between a Blood Clot or a Bruise

Sep 30, 2021

While a blood clot and a bruise both affect the blood vessels, they are significantly different. Bruises are prominent marks on the skin that vanish over time. Blood clots are a build-up of blood deep inside the tissue or within blood vessels. Differentiating the causes of a bruise and blood clot Causes of bruises Bruises […]

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What Is Palpitation? Causes and Treatment

Sep 15, 2021

Do you feel that your heart skips a beat? It could be nothing more than a rush of emotions, or it may indicate a health issue. Don’t worry; this article will guide you, whether your heart needs medical attention or just attention. Scientifically, skipping a heartbeat is referred to as “palpitation.” Let’s discuss what palpitation […]

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What Is A Right Sided Heart Failure?

Aug 30, 2021

If you have a right sided heart failure, there is a problem with your left ventricle. A right sided heart failure is also known as pulmonary heart disease, in which the right side of the heart fails to effectively pump the blood to the lungs. Right sided heart failure results from issues with the left […]

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Causes of neck pain on the left side

Aug 15, 2021

Temporary neck pain is a common occurrence among many individuals, and it can happen due to everyday tasks and exercises. Neck pain is also considered among the most common chronic pains. If you’re experiencing neck pain on the left side, it can occur because of muscle strain due to sleeping in an abnormal position or […]

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How to Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure | 5 Best Strategies

Jul 30, 2021

We often get asked, “How to lower diastolic blood pressure?” You can apply various strategies to lower your overall blood pressure, including blood pressure medications and lifestyle changes. However, you can’t target diastolic blood pressure alone if you have high diastolic hypertension. In that case, you need to work closely with your cardiologist to reduce […]

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How Long Do Stents Last? Types of Stents and their Longevity

Jul 15, 2021

Contemporary medicine has made stunning clinical advancements in the development of heart surgery. One of these developments is the modern stent, a medical marvel that allows for continued blood flow through arteries or veins. The stent alleviates the blockage in a plaque-obstructed blood vessel. But you may be wondering, how long do stents last? It’s […]

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When Should You See A Cardiologist?: Epic Heart And Vascular Center

Jun 30, 2021

It’s an important question to ask, and it could make the difference between maintaining good heart health and needing extra round-the-clock care. Additionally, seeing as there’s a lot of information surrounding when to see a cardiologist, you might be finding yourself a bit confused at times. After all, could what you’re experiencing be a symptom […]

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Three Cardiovascular Diseases That Mainly Affect The Elderly

Jun 15, 2021

As you get older, it becomes crucial to pay attention to your cardiovascular health. There’s a wide range of cardiovascular diseases that become more common as you age, and that’s why you should take further steps to protect yourself as soon as you can. To give you an idea of a few common problems experienced […]

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6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Apr 30, 2021

High blood pressure often has no symptoms but is one of the most significant risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Blood pressure is determined by how your heart pumps your blood. If you have narrowed arteries, your blood pressure rises because it has to work harder to keep the blood moving. The good news […]

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5 Surprising Symptoms of Arrhythmia & When to See a Specialist

Apr 15, 2021

Arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat. It doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong with your heart. You might not even know you have arrhythmia until you see a doctor for something else. Even though not everyone has symptoms of arrhythmia, when they do, they might not recognize them. Here’s what you should watch for and when […]

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