Blood Pressure and Fatigue – The Relationship

May 30, 2023

Waking up after a seemingly good night’s sleep, only to find yourself in a never-ending battle with exhaustion. The drop in energy levels leaves you yearning for a quick fix nap all the time. What could be the culprit behind this? Is high blood pressure to be blamed for being tired all the time? Let’s […]

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Pain Under Left Breast – 10 Reasons Why This Is Happening

May 15, 2023

Are you concerned about the sharp pain under your left breast that comes and goes in the form of episodes? Well, it is definitely not something you can let be. The area in question houses vital organs such as your heart, liver, lungs, etc.; therefore, contact your healthcare expert as soon as possible under any […]

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9 Things You Can’t Do With A Pacemaker

Apr 30, 2023

Do you have a device that helps your heart tick all day? Well, it is good that a little piece of a shocker (your pacemaker) is doing the work for your heart. But with all the goodness, there are some things you can’t do with a pacemaker inside; for example, strenuous exercise, machinery, and magnets […]

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The Link Between Heavy Legs and Varicose Veins

Apr 15, 2023

Are your legs feeling heavy, more than a sack of veggies? Do you find yourself struggling to muster up the energy to do anything beyond sitting on the couch? Well, before you conclude anything, consider this: you may be dealing with varicose veins. Yes, those drab, bulging veins that force you to want to wear […]

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How To Deal With Neck Pain and High BP?

Mar 30, 2023

Do you often have to bear the discomfort of neck pain and high BP (blood pressure)? What if there is a connection between these two seemingly unrelated conditions? Well, many people with high blood pressure also experience neck pain. In this blog, let’s explore the link between these two conditions and ways of relief. Does […]

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Life Expectancy After A Heart Attack

Mar 15, 2023

Having a heart attack is nature’s way of saying you need a break. If you or someone close has recently suffered from a heart attack, you may be thinking about what the future holds. It is normal to have questions and concerns about life expectancy after a heart attack by age, so let’s delve deeper […]

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