Blood Pressure

Foods To Eat For High Blood Pressure?

Sep 15, 2023

High blood pressure or Hypertension should be taken seriously as it can lead to heart diseases such as heart stroke and kidney disease. Your blood pressure is also an essential indicator of your overall health as the heart is the leading supplier of blood and in this case, if the flow of blood pressure remains […]

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Does Coffee Realy Raise Blood Pressure? Is It Bad For You?

Nov 30, 2022

Who doesn’t like to start their morning with a warm cup of coffee? Perhaps you prefer tea instead? It doesn’t matter what beverage you go for; what matters is the amount of caffeine it contains. Most morning drinks are known for the boost of energy they provide. And where does this boost come from, you […]

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15 Foods to Avoid For People With High Blood Pressure

Aug 30, 2022

Getting diagnosed with high blood pressure is nothing short of a nightmare. Plus, since there is no cure for it, you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life. In a single day, your blood flows through various pulse points as its pressure goes through multiple ups and downs. Although it might sound terrifying […]

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6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Apr 30, 2021

High blood pressure often has no symptoms but is one of the most significant risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Blood pressure is determined by how your heart pumps your blood. If you have narrowed arteries, your blood pressure rises because it has to work harder to keep the blood moving. The good news […]

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