Do you have a device that helps your heart tick all day? Well, it is good that a little piece of a shocker (your pacemaker) is doing the work for your heart. But with all the goodness, there are some things you can’t do with a pacemaker inside; for example, strenuous exercise, machinery, and magnets are a no-no.

Let’s determine what items you must strike off your list and why.

But first, it is time to brush up on the basics.

What Is A Pacemaker?

A pacemaker is surgically fit under your skin near your heart. It is a small electronic device that improves issues like arrhythmia, thereby helping your heart function properly. Pacemakers are divided into categories, temporary or permanent, and the one you will get depends on your case.

Also, you must note that the pacemakers are usually implanted near the collarbone for better readings and results.

It does so by transmitting electrical impulses to your heart, shocking it in a way to awaken and allows your heart to beat in a continuous cycle. The entire process of fake pulses sets in stone the ability to keep the heart within a healthy range.

9 Things You Can’t Do With A Pacemaker | List of Precautions

First things first, limit your activities and make room for adequate resting. Your heart needs to slow down and take time off your regular schedule.

  1. Strenuous Activities
    It is a good habit to keep your body moving; however, overdoing it might not be the best idea when you already have a heart condition to cater to.
  2. Steer Clear From Electromagnetic Fields
    These devices, pacemakers, work with the help of electric signals; therefore, if you are in too close vicinity of a field, it hampers the system. Thus, to avoid functionality issues, maintain a healthy distance between the electronic devices and your pacemaker.
  3. Avoid Using Heavy Machinery
    Equipment like chainsaws and welding machines are very harmful to work with when you have a pacemaker inside. Always get in touch with professionals to do the handyman work for you.
  4. Radiation Therapy
    It is often the route chosen for cancer patients to eradicate the disease. However, powerful radiation has the ability to seriously damage the circuits of your pacemaker. So, either ask for an alternate treatment route or a cap to cover your device within.
  5. Do not Lift Heavy Objects.
    Previously we discussed machinery, which is very heavy, but you must also consider avoiding lifting objects like a heavy purse or your pets.
  6. Play Contact Sports
    Sports such as volleyball, basketball, hockey, etc., require close contact that may damage your pacemaker, so avoid playing these sports at all costs.
  7. Do not Touch The Site
    Avoid rubbing or touching your chest area around or near the incision. It may cause the pacemaker to detour and lose its functionality.
  8. Do not Hold Your Cellular Phone Too Close
    It is not a rocket science concept; these phones run on cellular signals, which are harmful to pacemakers.
  9. Stay Away From Magnets
    Even simple toy magnets can cause damage to your heart blinker; therefore, it is best to limit such interactions.

Final Note

Do not take it as a sign to get your device; the list of what you can’t do with pacemakers is very small compared to the array of benefits it provides. You owe your life to it.

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