Are you concerned about the sharp pain under your left breast that comes and goes in the form of episodes? Well, it is definitely not something you can let be. The area in question houses vital organs such as your heart, liver, lungs, etc.; therefore, contact your healthcare expert as soon as possible under any painful circumstance.

Sharp Pain Under Left Breast – Causes

Here is a list of possibilities that may be causing your boob pain.

Heart Attack

Your heart is located exactly beneath your left breast; therefore, pain under it can imply that you have a heart issue that needs addressing. Usually, pain due to a heart attack is felt in the middle to the slight left side of the chest. So, in case you feel a burning sensation in your left or even right breast and stabbing chest pain, call for medical help immediately.


It is a cardiovascular condition with insufficient oxygen-rich blood supply to that particular part of the heart. It is a symptom of CHD – coronary heart disease resulting from ischemia (narrowing or blockage of at least one coronary artery). An angina episode is different than a heart attack. Your middle part of the chest starts having pain that radiates to your shoulders, arms, neck, and jaw.


By definition, it is a condition signifying its presence by inflammation of the cartilage that goes from the ribs to the breastbone. In this situation, you may feel a sudden sharp pain under your left breast that may come and go or stay as a constant dull ache.


The pericardium is a thin film-like layer covering your heart. It is full of fluid which is meant to protect the heart from external jolts. Under some conditions pericardium membrane undergoes inflammation, and when they rub together, you feel stabbing pain on the left side under your breast.


Have you heard of stomach bugs? Yes, they are real. H-pylori causes stomach lining inflammation which may cause discomfort. Other than that, medicines and spicy food also disrupt the lining resulting in sharp pain under the breast, left or right.

Chest injuries

A sudden blow to your chest can result in a bruise or crack on the left side of your rib and chest to, cause pain. When the sharp edges of your broken rib poke your liver or spleen, the pain goes unbearable.

Precordial Catch Syndrome

A growth spurt, chest injuries, and bad posture can pinch the nerves of your chest wall, which is why you feel intense chest pain when breathing under the left breast.


The pancreatic line will inflame if the digestive enzymes start acting up before their release.


It is characterized by a burning sensation due to the erosion of the esophagus’s lining by digestive acids.


Pleura layers your lungs to maintain and protect them. Some infections might cause inflammation of this lining leading to breast pain on the left while breathing.

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