An echocardiogram is typically the first step when trying to identify heart disease. Cardiologists often recommend getting an echo exam when the patient displays signs of irregular heart activity. However, since echocardiograms only read heartbeats and blood flow, the results can be a bit tricky to decipher.

It is due to this uncertainty that people usually get confused. Thoughts like “if my echo is normal, is my heart ok?” or “can a heart echo miss something?” are normal. But to save you from getting tangled up in these thoughts, we’ve simplified the answers to all your questions in this blog.

“If My Echo Is Normal, Is My Heart OK?”

Although the idea of an echo exam is scary, in reality, it is nothing to be afraid of. If anything, echocardiograms are just like an ultrasound, but for your heart. Ultimately, an echocardiogram converts sound waves into images. It is then these images that capture your heart and its neighboring blood vessels.

The purpose of an echo exam is to note if there are any abnormalities within your heart. If so, these irregularities can send high-frequency sound waves, which are then noted in an echocardiogram. Thus, if your echo exam results come out normal, then yes. Your heart is okay. There is nothing to fear.

However, if you continue to experience discomfort or heart-related symptoms, contact your cardiologist for an in-depth evaluation.

What Does An Echocardiogram Show?

A normal echocardiogram shows the following attributes of your heart:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • The way your heart walls move
  • The strength with which your heart pumps blood
  • How the blood is pumped
  • The way your heart valves and blood vessels work

Through these detections, an echo exam could help find out if there are any abnormal heart valves within your chest. Moreover, it can also pick up on inflammation, heart murmurs, congenital disease, and the like.

But it is important to note that echocardiograms do not detect blocked arteries, which can essentially lead to a heart attack. You might be referred to an angiogram instead if your symptoms match that of a heart attack.

Are Echocardiogram Readings Reliable?

Yes! Despite the mayhem and confusion, echocardiograms are completely reliable. It’s only in extreme cases that heart disease can go unnoticed.

Usually, if your cardiologist finds something suspicious, you might have to take another test to clear out the doubts. Thus, if something really is wrong, an echocardiogram can help to pick up on it, leading you to other treatment options.

Where To Get Conclusive Echo Results

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