Both stroke and heart attack are life-threatening and occur suddenly. Hence, they require immediate treatment for survival. Moreover, despite being lethal, the symptoms vary in both. So to know about the differences between stroke vs. Heart attack, let us look at both in-depth and see how we can save the life of our loved one.

In simple terms, a stroke is an attack on the brain. It occurs when blood does not reach the brain due to the blockage or damage in the blood vessels. Blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body; oxygen is necessary for survival. When a sufficient amount of oxygen can’t reach the brain, it starves the cells there, and they start to die quickly. If oxygen doesn’t reach immediately, the condition results in a stroke.

Few early symptoms of a stroke are;

  • Losing balance or feeling dizzy frequently
  • Weakening of eye side and having blurriness
  • The feeling of weakness, especially in the face or limbs
  • Headache
  • The Uttering of words become difficult

When you feel you have these symptoms, it is better to consult the medical personnel without delay. A right move at the right time may save a life.

Heart attack

A heart attack results from a blockage in the coronary artery due to the plaque building up. The arteries become restricted, and blood rich in oxygen can’t flow smoothly. The restriction forces the heart to pump blood, exerting a lot of pressure, which directly affects the heart muscles. Eventually, they damage, leading to an attack. Millions of people every year suffer from a heart attack, and many lose their lives. The concerning fact is that many are silent, and the individual has no idea that they are suffering from it.

A heart attack may occur suddenly or overtime. Few symptoms of heart attack are;

  • Arm or shoulder pain without any apparent reason
  • Tightening of the chest and mild pain
  • The person gets back, neck, or jaw pain and even shortness of breath frequently
  • A feeling of laziness and weakness is common
  • Having nausea, vomiting, or sense of tiredness

These are alarming signs; visit the healthcare if you are suffering from these.

Saving lives

To save people’s lives from stroke or heart attack is possible only if the right treatment is given immediately. Few lifestyle changes can be beneficial for your health. Regularly monitor your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, take a healthy diet that limits the amount of cholesterol, and reduce alcohol intake. These are not good for your health. Reduce your weight and stay active, walk at least 30 minutes a day and control the amount of salt and sugar in your diet. Discuss with the physician for more tips to stay healthy. Staying active, happy, and healthy is the best advice for your long life.

To conclude, stroke vs. Heart attack, stroke is the blockage of blood flow to the brain; however, a heart attack is the blockage of blood to the heart. Both are different conditions but cause tremendous damage. Visit Epic Heart and Vascular Centre immediately if you have any symptoms. For an appointment, contact us at 832-432-1951.