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High Blood Pressure Risk Factors: Here’s What You Can Change

Mar 15, 2021

There are many high blood pressure risk factors and some of them you have no control over, like family history, race, gender, and age. There are many lifestyle factors, however, that also put you at risk. Making changes may help you reduce your chances of developing hypertension as you age. Activity Level The CDC recommends […]

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Heart failure guidelines

Feb 28, 2021

Our heart starts pumping even before we are born. It is one of the essential organs of our body, and life depends on it. The heart pumps blood and oxygen to other parts of the body; however, if it fails body stops functioning, leading to stroke, attack, and heart failure. The article will describe heart […]

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I can feel my heart beating in my chest when lying down.

Feb 15, 2021

Pain in the heart is a serious condition most of the time, and one shouldn’t ignore it. People complain that I can feel my heart beating in my chest when lying down. Is this normal or a warning sign our body is giving? It is commonly a sign of heart palpitation in which a strong […]

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Stroke vs. Heart attack; what is the difference

Jan 30, 2021

Both stroke and heart attack are life-threatening and occur suddenly. Hence, they require immediate treatment for survival. Moreover, despite being lethal, the symptoms vary in both. So to know about the differences between stroke vs. Heart attack, let us look at both in-depth and see how we can save the life of our loved one. […]

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Why do I have chest pain and headache at the same time?

Jan 14, 2021

We often hear of the instant death of people due to a heart attack. There have been numerous cases when the person was healthy in the morning and left for work; however, he collapsed down after a few hours. Chest pain is an alarming sign; if you have it, get a checkup. It is also […]

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