The knowledge about echocardiograms is a valuable skill that medical professionals possess. You may or may not have them at your disposal when needed. If you are a cardiac patient, then this blog will come in handy for you. We have detailed certain basics regarding what an echocardiogram is, normal vs abnormal results etc.

An Echocardiogram

An echo is a graphic representation of the heart’s movement. An echocardiogram generates a real-time image of the working heart. The cardiologist uses high-frequency spitting sound waves from a handheld wand that goes through your chest during this test. These waves provide pictures of the heart valves and its chambers. These images aid in evaluating the heart’s pumping action.

Echocardiogram – echo is different from ECG, which is a recording of the heart’s electrical impulses. ECG does not provide images but rather projects lines to show the work.

Normal Vs Abnormal Echocardiogram

Echocardiogram results show actual images of the heart, its functionality, whether normal or abnormal, strength etc. One of the things seen with clarity is its walls. If they are measuring thicker than 1.5 cm in the echocardiogram, they are not considered normal, but they fall in the abnormal category. Such deviation from normal indicates high blood pressure, weak or damaged heart valves etc.

Echo can also determine the pumping functionality of your heart, whether there is adequate flow or not. Left vent EF – ejection fraction is the amount of blood evacuated from the heart per beat. On the whole, a cardiac output is the blood volume pumped out every minute, which is 4.8 to 6.5 litersFdisea.

The echocardiogram will show whether the walls of the heart are normal or abnormal; if not normal, then it may serve as an indicator of an upcoming heart attack or a long term disease.

What Does An Echocardiogram Determine?

Often patients come complaining about shortness of breath ad constant chest pain that may lead to this test for a better look at the heart.

Heart Size
The size of the heart is one of the primary things that is prominently examined since an enlarged heart is an indicator of an underlying disease. An echocardiogram will show the size of your right or left ventricles and atria to understand whether the size is normal or abnormal.

Pumping Ability – Strength of Valves
The doctors evaluate the ejection fraction – EF in order to determine how well the heart is pumping blood. It is a value expressed in percentage, and according to the echocardiogram normal range lies between 55 to 70%, while any level up is abnormal.


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