We often hear of the instant death of people due to a heart attack. There have been numerous cases when the person was healthy in the morning and left for work; however, he collapsed down after a few hours. Chest pain is an alarming sign; if you have it, get a checkup. It is also a fact that mostly chest pain has no relation to heart problems, but don’t take chances. Chest pain and headache together may indicate that something is wrong, which needs attention. It might not necessarily be an attack or stroke; however, there are other possibilities.

Chest pain and headache

Both conditions together are rare; however, one of the most common causes can hinder blood flow to the heart. Let’s discuss a few reasons behind this condition.

  • Depression is becoming typical day by day. More than fifty percent of the population is suffering from it. You get a feeling of hopelessness and sadness that causes physical problems. Often people complain of backache, headache, and chest pain. Our mind and body have a relationship together; hence, depression affects the whole body system.
  • Both head and chest pain occur when a person suffers from high blood pressure or hypertension. The heart exerts a tremendous amount of pressure to pump blood to different parts of the body. When the levels rise very high, it is an alarming situation and needs urgent medical attention.
  • Another condition is due to the spread of specific bacteria, which spreads by inhaling the water droplets present in the air. These bacteria are usually found in places where there are swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains, or filthy water systems. The bacteria also cause fever, cough, nausea, and shortness of breath.
  • Lupus is a condition in which the patient suffers from both pains at the same time. The immune system attacks healthy tissues, affecting the heart. Multiple layers of the heart are affected, causing pain in the chest. Besides, the infection moves towards the blood vessels, causing a headache. The patient gets a fever, appetite and vision reduces, and there are problems in urination. Moreover, skin rashes appear.
  • Severe migraine attacks cause chest pain. However, the condition is not common and might rarely occur in a few people.
  • Few types of hemorrhage cause head and chest pain together. This is a severe condition and needs immediate treatment. Other alarming signs of hemorrhage are neck-stiffness, vision problems, mood swings, and too much anxiety.

These are few possibilities only, to know about your medical condition, discuss the matter with the physicians.

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To check your condition, the physician will first diagnose the actual problem using instruments and conducting a few tests. Your chest X-ray and CT scan will be needed. Based on it, the treatment will continue. So, if you are suffering from chest pain and headache, visit Epic Heart and Vascular Centre. Call us at (832) 432-1951 to schedule your appointment. Seek medical attention before your health condition worsens.