It’s an important question to ask, and it could make the difference between maintaining good heart health and needing extra round-the-clock care. Additionally, seeing as there’s a lot of information surrounding when to see a cardiologist, you might be finding yourself a bit confused at times.

After all, could what you’re experiencing be a symptom of something more serious? Could your symptoms indicate heart disease or disorders you may develop later on in life? We’re here to help you decide if a cardiologist is the healthcare professional to visit right now. We will go through the different types of scenarios you may be in to necessitate a visit to a cardiologist like Epic Heart And Vascular Center.

If You’re Experiencing High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a prevalent symptom; it can be labeled as a disease in its own right. When your blood pressure is high, it puts a lot of strain on your arteries, meaning it’s harder to pump blood around your body, which can damage and tire out organs like your heart. You should see a cardiologist before your hypertension becomes something more serious.

If Your Chest is Painful or Tight

Chest pain is the number one symptom that should cause you to pick up your phone and call a cardiologist. Specifically, it can be a major and dangerous symptom that could quickly develop into something more serious, and you need to be seen as soon as possible.

Similarly, chest tightness can be a symptom of many things, but it’s also one of the main symptoms of a heart attack. At the same time, if the tightness is causing you to struggle to breathe, consult a cardiologist straight away.

If Heart Disease Runs in the Family

Heart disease can be a genetic issue, and if a Grandparent or Parent is living or has suffered from it in the past, you should see a cardiologist and talk about your high chance of being affected.

If You’re Ready to Start Exercising

If you think you can jump straight into an exercise routine, you might be wrong. If it’s been a long time since you’ve regularly exercised, or you’re suddenly stepping up an old routine, you should talk to a cardiologist about the effect it might have on your heart.

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Your heart matters; therefore, your symptoms and lifestyle need addressing. Our experienced cardiologists at Epic Heart and Vascular Center have dealt with all types of heart-related issues in the past. For that reason, we know just what to do to both provide an actionable, healthy solution as well as soothe your worries around your heart health.

We fully understand that heart health, and heart issues, are no joke. They can strike at any age, and they can be extremely dangerous. So, if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, and even if you think they’re minor and non-serious, or you’re looking to make changes in your life, it’s time to see a cardiologist. You never know what your symptoms may develop into, and you’ve got the chance to stop any major issues in their tracks right now. To learn more about what we can do to help or to schedule an appointment, call our Houston location at 832-432-1951. Or, if you want to book an appointment at our Kingwood location, call us at 832-952-1951.