Do you feel that your heart skips a beat? It could be nothing more than a rush of emotions, or it may indicate a health issue. Don’t worry; this article will guide you, whether your heart needs medical attention or just attention.

Scientifically, skipping a heartbeat is referred to as “palpitation.” Let’s discuss what palpitation is and how it affects you.


Palpitation is characterized by thumping and pounding of the heart rapidly. Irregular beats and flutter against the chest for a few seconds, more like ten to twenty seconds.
Palpitations may seem disturbing, but usually, they are harmless and do not require treatment.

When Can You Feel Palpitation?

There is no particular time or position. You may feel it at rest, when you’re walking, standing, or lying down. Palpitation comes and goes in the form of episodes. On most occasions, the episode will cease on its own; but there may be times when you’ll need help.

Symptoms with Palpitation indicating you Need Medical Attention

A throbbing heart may go on its own, but if you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned along with it, it is probably a good idea to go for a consultation.

  1. Chest pain
  2. Breathing difficulty
  3. Shortness of breath or wheezing
  4. Nausea
  5. Dizziness

Why Does Your Heart Skip A Beat?

Want to know why your heart skips a beat? We have three broad categories

  1. Lifestyle issues
  2. Emotional Stress
  3. Medical health/heart-related issues

Lifestyle Issues

An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the top causes of this problem.

  1. Consumption of a high amount of caffeine in the form of coffee or tea
  2. Excess use of energy drinks
  3. Intense, strenuous exercise routine
  4. Spicy food
  5. Alcohol
  6. Use of recreational drugs

Emotional Stress

We must take into account that our lives are now quite stressful and emotionally heavy. Increased anxiety can trigger a panic attack making your heart thump rapidly. Breathing exercises prove to be beneficial in this kind of situation.
Sometimes excitement about an event or anticipation can also cause your heart to skip a beat.

Medical Health/ Heart Related Issues

  1. Hormonal changes during the cycle can cause palpitation in women, especially when they are pregnant or reaching menopause.
  2. It is not uncommon for medications to cause changes in the body. The use of antibiotics, asthmatics, and blood pressure medications are known triggers of palpitation.
  3. Hyperthyroidism – an increase of thyroid hormone.
  4. Hypoglycemia – low sugar levels in the blood can also affect the heartbeat.
  5. A condition known as postural hypotension may also contribute to it.

Heart Conditions (rhythm)

  1. Atrial fibrillation – heartbeats are irregular and faster than normal
  2. Ventricular tachycardia – fast heartbeat with dizziness and black out episodes

Heart Conditions

  1. Heart attack
  2. Valve block
  3. Issues with the muscles that make up the heart
  4. Birth defects

How to get relief from palpitations

Mostly, it will go away on its own; you won’t need to do anything about it. But, if it persists, then the first line of treatment is always lifestyle change. Try cutting down caffeine, practice yoga and exercise more; it will surely be of help.
If the condition still does not budge, seek medical attention; it could be something major. At Epic Heart and Vascular Center, we assure you that we will provide the best treatment plan available in Houston, TX . For inquiry, please call (832) 432-1951