Pain in the heart is a serious condition most of the time, and one shouldn’t ignore it. People complain that I can feel my heart beating in my chest when lying down. Is this normal or a warning sign our body is giving? It is commonly a sign of heart palpitation in which a strong pulse feeling arises from the head, neck, or chest whenever you lie down. Pressure builds up inside your body due to the specific position causing the situation. Read the article to know more about this condition, its symptoms, treatment, and risks.


Heart palpitation occurs at any time; however, you only notice the symptoms at night due to fewer disturbances. Following are a few symptoms if you are suffering from the condition:

  • You feel that your heart stops beating, or there is a sense of irregular pulse. The feeling is more significant at night
  • You can hear and feel your heart beating in your chest profoundly
  • Fast heartbeat

Risk factors

The factors that increase the intensity of heart palpitation are;

  • Health conditions like thyroid problem, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, or anemia
  • Drugs and stimulants such as caffeine, over the counter medicines, cocaine, or others having these elements
  • Having alcohol or chocolate
  • Conditions such as stress, fever, depression, etc.
  • Doing heavy exercises
  • Women face it when their hormones change during menopause, menstruation, or pregnancy


If your symptoms go away in some time and there is nothing serious, heart palpitation causes no harm. However, if it persists, visit the physicians and not take any risk. In most cases, it doesn’t require treatment; but, if you are a regular drinker or smoker and having such feelings try quitting these habits first. Take help if you need to start avoiding tobacco or alcohol slowly, and with an honest commitment, you will achieve results. To treat heart palpitation properly, keep track of each episode and see how it affects you. Only if the situation is increasing and become worrisome, talk to the physicians; you may require treatment.


There are various ways to diagnose the problem. The physician may use one or two which they feel will work in your case. Few methods are blood tests, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, stress tests, or monitoring your heartbeat. These will give the correct results of your medical condition. If anything severe, immediate treatment can start. During diagnosis, the physician will determine if there is a chance of any other related lethal disease, like extreme heart conditions, thyroid problems, etc.

After reading this article, you will find a solution to your concern about why I can feel my heart beating in my chest when lying down. If you are worried and feel it is increasing with time, visit Epic Heart and Vascular Centre immediately. We treat all types of problems that are related to your heart, vessels, and vein. The team will treat you in the best possible way and provide complete information about your underlying disease. If they feel something is alarming, immediate treatment will start. For more information, call us on 832-432-1951.