Dr. Yubraj Paudel

Dr. Yubraj Paudel

I am thankful to Dr. Usman Khan for the wonderful opportunity to rotate with him as an extern at HCA Houston Healthcare, Northwest, and Epic Heart and vascular center in June 2023. I interacted with patients, wrote case histories, analyzed lab reports and presented to Dr. Khan for feedback and guidance. I learned to clinically correlate findings on EKGs, echocardiographs, and arterial and venous Doppler studies. I gained valuable experience in ongoing long-term care of chronic cardiovascular diseases in outpatient settings whereas hospital rounds provided insight into inpatient management. I observed and learned about procedures like venous ablation, coronary angiography, and stenting. Learning to operate EMR systems like eClinicalworks and Patient Keeper was a new experience for me.

Dr Khan was passionate about teaching and was always approachable whether it was for clinical case discussions or for clearing any doubts regarding patient care. He groomed me to learn from seeing patients and improve my clinical skills. He encouraged externs to ask questions during hospital rounds as well as during clinic hours. He asked me to interpret the findings on coronary angiography. We discussed the management of congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, and myocardial bridging. He taught me about different approaches to gaining vascular access for coronary interventions. Dr. Khan also encourages externs for academic and scholarly activities. I presented ACC/AHA guidelines for the management of chronic mitral regurgitation.

Apart from clinical experience, I appreciate the teamwork environment. I was appointed as the group leader of externs and was responsible for arranging schedules, allocating individual duties, and facilitating communication between externs and other team members. It was great to work alongside physicians, Nurse practitioners, Sonologists, Medical Assistants as well as administrative staff.

As an IMG, I felt confident in how well I had adapted to clinical practice in the United States after completing this rotation. I advise IMGs to consider this rotation for a well-versed US clinical experience.

Albaraa Muad Abdulghani Alshargabi

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Fnu Komal

I had the wonderful opportunity to complete a clinical rotation at the Epic Heart and Vascular Institute under the supervision of Dr. Khan, for the month of June 2023. It was my first U.S HealthCare System experience and Dr. Khan played an excellent role in...

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I had the incredible opportunity to complete a clinical rotation at the Epic Heart and Vascular Institute under the guidance of Dr. Khan. This experience marked my first encounter with the intricacies of the U.S. healthcare system, and I must say that Dr. Khan played...

Mikail Khanzada

Hello! I’m Mikail Khanzada, a 4th Year MBBS student at Lahore Medical and Dental College. I got the opportunity to rotate with Dr Khan at the Epic Heart and Vascular Centre and HCA Houston Northwest in September 2023. I found out about the rotation through contacting...

Talha Hassan

Reflecting on my recent externship at Epic Heart and Vascular Center under the guidance of Dr. Usman Khan, I have nothing but gratitude and admiration. As this was my first rotation, I was initially a bit intimidated and overwhelmed. However, on the very first day,...

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