Gayatri Vijay Ghadvaje

Gayatri Vijay Ghadvaje

During my one-month rotation at Epic Heart and Vascular Center, I had the opportunity to rotate with Dr.Usman Khan in a month of May, 2023. From the very first day, you made sure that I had an opportunity to learn and grow in areas that were important to me.

Your dedication to teaching and your passion for cardiology were truly inspiring.I still remember our intial discussion where you asked what I expected from this rotation. Your willingness to listen and cater to my interests in learning about EMR, ECG, Nuclear stress test, ECHO, and Doppler was truly. Absolutely! This positive personalized approach set by you from the beginning of rotation played a crucial role in making entire experience enriching.

Learning EMR and patient history taking skills in the unique way you taught has been invaluable. I am genuinely inspired by your method of writing case notes, and I aim to incorporate those techniques in my future practice. You even engaged every one of us in interpretation of EKGs on daily basis that gave us a confidence in interpretating EKG’s in 30 seconds.
The environment of open communication further facilitated the exchange of ideas, doubts and questions.

The opportunity to present a original article based on a topic ‘Ticagrelor or Prasugrel in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and high bleeding risk’ was a significant learning experience. Also, our discussion and homework on ECHO bubble study and its indications helped me to explaind my knowledge in this area.

The exposure to Cathlab and observing various procedures like TEE, Left and right heart cath, bubble study, radio frequency ablation and sclerotherapy were eye-opening and reinforced my passion for cardiology.

Patients improvement after varithena and ablation was truly impressive.

One more thing I really appreciate that you provided accommodation during my rotation with diverse individuals from different backgrounds. As and introvert I improved my communication skills and also made lot of friends which made my rotation enjoyable.

Your willingness to share your expertise and collaborate with me has created an environment of trust and respect. I feel privileged to have been mentored by you, and your guidance has made a significant difference in my life. Your mentoring instilled a sense of confidence and enthusiasm for this field. I am looking forward to stay in touch and continuing to learn from you in future.

Once again, thank you so much for being an exceptional mentor and making these four weeks so rewarding and memorable.

With Sincere Gratitude,

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