Dr. Ahmed Kunwer Naveed

Dr. Ahmed Kunwer Naveed

Being a medical extern at Epic Heart and Vascular Institute (semi-hands on) was a truly eye-opening experience that provided me with valuable insights into the US healthcare system. What set this rotation apart from others was the emphasis on a team-oriented approach. Throughout my time there, I had the opportunity to work closely with various members of the healthcare team, including Nurse Practitioners, medical assistants, and the Echo technician. This unique setup allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of how a clinic functions effectively and significantly improved my communication and collaboration skills within a team setting.

My time with Dr. Khan was incredibly focused on maximizing our learning experience and cultivating essential qualities for future clinicians. One of the notable aspects of our interaction with Dr. Khan was the opportunity to actively participate in patient care. Within a relatively short time frame of 10 minutes, he allowed us to take patient histories, perform examinations, make assessments, and develop treatment plans. Initially, this task seemed daunting, but under Dr. Khan’s guidance, I quickly adapted and became more proficient in managing patient encounters efficiently. This hands-on experience was invaluable in developing my skills in patient assessment and critical thinking. Through his mentorship, I was able to develop a strong understanding of the EMR system and its role in patient care. This skill will undoubtedly be instrumental in my future clinical practice, where the use of electronic records is becoming increasingly prevalent.

During my rotation with Dr. Khan, I had the opportunity to delve into a wide range of cardiovascular topics, expanding my knowledge beyond patient care. The learning objectives encompassed various aspects, including the rapid interpretation of ECGs, understanding basic echo views, interpreting nuclear stress test results, and managing conditions such as varicose veins.
Dr. Khan’s teaching approach was highly immersive and hands-on. He generously allowed us to accompany him to the hospital, where we witnessed and actively participated in many procedures. These included left heart and right heart catheterizations, which provided a firsthand understanding of invasive cardiac interventions. Additionally, we observed and learned about in-office procedures like Venaseal and Varithena, which broadened our knowledge of minimally invasive treatments.

Dr. Khan’s unwavering enthusiasm and support enabled me to confidently present a paper titled “Defibrillation Strategies for Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation.” This paper aimed to compare the efficacy of Dual Sequential External Defibrillation (DSED) and Vector Change (VC) defibrillation to standard defibrillation in managing refractory ventricular fibrillation. Presenting this paper not only enhanced my knowledge of defibrillation strategies but also sharpened my skills in critically analyzing and synthesizing scientific literature. Dr. Khan’s mentorship played a crucial role in refining my presentation skills, ensuring that I effectively communicated the key findings, methodology, and implications of the study.

Throughout the rotation, I experienced significant personal and professional growth under the mentorship of Dr. Khan. His recognition of my increasing confidence, sense of responsibility, and dedication led to a special opportunity – I was appointed as the head of new students joining the rotation. In this role, I took on the responsibility of teaching them essential skills such as navigating the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), approaching patients, and effectively presenting cases to Dr. Khan.

In conclusion, my time with Dr. Khan and the team at Epic Heart and Vascular has left an indelible mark on my journey toward becoming a better clinician.

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