By Navya Mandalapu

By Navya Mandalapu

I am writing to provide a heartfelt testimonial for Dr. Usman Khan’s externship rotation, which I had the privilege to complete in May 2023. I wholeheartedly believe that this experience has been invaluable to my professional growth and would highly recommend it to future medical students.

From the very first day of the externship, Dr. Khan exhibited a genuine interest in our intentions and commitment to learning. He took the time to personally interact with each of us, discussing our expectations and goals for the upcoming four weeks. This personalized approach immediately set a positive tone for the entire rotation, fostering an environment of open communication and mentorship.

Throughout the externship, Dr. Khan provided exceptional guidance, ensuring that we had a comprehensive overview of the tasks and responsibilities we would undertake. He emphasized the importance of active participation and encouraged us to seek learning opportunities within the clinical setting. His guidance and clear explanations were instrumental in helping us navigate the various aspects of cardiology and gain a deeper understanding of the field.
The nursing staff and medical assistants working alongside Dr. Khan were incredibly receptive and supportive. They willingly assisted us in all aspects, ensuring a seamless integration into the healthcare team. Their dedication to patient care and their willingness to share their knowledge and experiences greatly enriched our learning experience.

One of the highlights of this rotation was the opportunity to interact with patients on a daily basis. Dr. Khan encouraged us to actively engage with patients, allowing us to develop essential communication and interpersonal skills. Presenting cases to him provided a platform for constructive feedback, allowing us to refine our presentation skills and expand our medical knowledge.

Dr. Khan’s teaching style was highly effective, particularly when it came to electrocardiography (ECG) interpretation. He utilized interactive methods and practical exercises, enabling us to practice and gain confidence in interpreting ECGs. This hands-on approach significantly enhanced our understanding of ECG patterns and their clinical significance.

During the externship, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the electronic medical records (EMR) system, which proved to be an invaluable skill for efficient patient care and record-keeping. This exposure enhanced my understanding of the practical aspects of managing patient information in a modern clinical setting.

Additionally, I had the privilege of working alongside a skilled 2D echo technician who patiently guided me through the basics of echocardiography. I learned how to obtain different views and calculate essential parameters such as EF, RVSP, and identify valve abnormalities. Witnessing a case of bicuspid aortic valve added to the richness of the learning experience.

During the rotation, I also had exposure to various diagnostic procedures, including carotid dopplers, venous and arterial dopplers, exercise stress tests, and nuclear stress tests. Dr. Khan emphasized the significance of each procedure and explained their clinical implications thoroughly. He actively engaged us through daily question-and-answer sessions, encouraging critical thinking and active participation.

Furthermore, the opportunity to present an article “Variation in Renal Function Following Transition to Sacubitril/Valsartan in Patients With Heart Failure” during my stay further enhanced my understanding of evidence-based medicine and improved my presentation skills. Witnessing catheterization procedures, both right and left heart catheterizations, provided valuable insight into interventional cardiology, while observing varicose vein procedures expanded my knowledge of venous disorders and their treatment options.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to complete this externship rotation under the guidance of Dr. Khan. His interactive teaching style, commitment to patient care, and dedication to our learning experience have left a lasting impression on me. I wholeheartedly recommend this rotation to future students seeking a comprehensive and rewarding experience in cardiology.

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