By Dr. Saman Iqbal

By Dr. Saman Iqbal

I am privileged to share my remarkable experience during my clinical rotation with Dr. Khan, a mentor who has profoundly influenced my medical education. Dr. Khan’s extraordinary dedication, vast medical knowledge, and exceptional teaching skills have not only shaped my understanding of patient care but also reaffirmed my passion for medicine. Witnessing his astute clinical acumen in action was awe-inspiring, and it challenged me to push the boundaries of my own medical knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Dr. Khan’s dedication to teaching was truly remarkable. His teaching style was interactive which allowed me to understand how to go about each case. Dr. Khan’s ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of cardiology and strengthen my analytical skills. He went above and beyond to ensure that I understood each patient case. Dr. Khan patiently answered my questions, never hesitating to provide thorough explanations and examples. His teaching style fostered an environment of intellectual curiosity and pushed me to learn and grow as a medical professional.

What truly set Dr. Khan apart as a mentor was his genuine appreciation for my dedication and hard work. His recognition of my efforts in understanding and interpreting EKGs, a subject that has always bothered me, left an ever-lastig impression. Dr. Khan took the time to acknowledge my grasp of EKG interpretation and encouraged me to further explore this area of cardiology. His genuine advice to me as a mentor to be more confident in my approach and believe in my abilities instilled courage in me, and I am grateful for the recognition and encouragement he provided. The way he explained EKGs, enabled me to fully grasp the concept and recognize certain findings that otherwise would’ve taken me an eternity to understand. The best part about this experience was that by the end of my rotation I could easily read a handful of EKGs and pick small detailed pathologies in a quite small amount of time. I am certain that the understanding of EKGs that I gained here, will not only help me in my exams, but will also be of utmost value in my medical career.
As an international student aspiring to pursue a career in healthcare, familiarity with the US healthcare system is of profound importance. The opportunity that Dr. Khan provided me in this regard has been truly invaluable. since I gained profound insights into the intricacies of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

During my elective, I shadowed Dr Khan during rounds in the hospital, I witnessed several procedures like (cardiac catheterization, peripheral angioraphy, Venoseal, Varithena and Radiofrequency ablation). During my time at the clinic, I also had the privilege of working with an exceptional team of healthcare professionals and learning from their experience. Dr. Khan, the nurse practitioners and the staff at Epic Heart and Vascular Centre put in active efforts to explain concepts, treatment options and techniques to ensure that I had a well-rounded educational experience.

Beyond his exceptional medical expertise, Dr. Khan’s compassion and empathy were evident in every patient interaction. He approached each individual with respect and kindness, taking the time to listen attentively to their concerns and provide comprehensive care. Observing his exceptional bedside manner left a lasting impression on me, and I strive to emulate his humanistic approach in my own future interactions with patients.

Dr. Khan’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development served as a powerful example for me. He consistently encouraged me to engage in evidence-based medicine, stay updated with the latest research, and participate in scholarly activities. Under his guidance, I presented a novel article from Journals of American College of Cardiology (JACC) on a phase 2b clinical trial on the safety and efficacy of a new drug, MK-0616, a PCSK-9 inhibitor. His appreciation of my effort and how adequately I summarized the topic was encouraging for me.

Reading on medical researches can be a nuance sometimes, but Dr. Khan’s words of praise motivated to upkeep my knowledge and read various journals. Keeping in touch with recent advances in medicine is an alien concept for many medical students, hence I consider myself quite privileged to be introduced to new advances in the field of cardiology. Dr. Khan’s dedication to lifelong learning served as a powerful example, reinforcing the importance of continuous growth and development as a medical professional.

In conclusion, my clinical elective with Dr. Khan has been a transformative experience that has exceeded my expectations. His expertise and dedication had a profound impact on my journey as a medical student. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an outstanding physician and mentor. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an outstanding physician and role model. Dr. Khan’s mentorship has undoubtedly had a lasting impact on my medical education and will continue to guide me throughout my career.

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