By Dr. Pratik Bhattarai

By Dr. Pratik Bhattarai

I had a great pleasure to rotate with Dr. Khan in the month of April. I found this rotation very helpful, especially for an IMG like me who is looking to gain knowledge and experience into the health care system of the US. I found Dr. Khan an exceptional mentor, doctor, and teacher as he places emphasis on guiding each and every extern regarding patient approach, communication, EMR, professionalism, and many more.

I got the chance to work both inpatient and outpatient throughout this rotation. I gained practical experience with EMR systems like Patient Keeper and eClinic Works. In addition, I witnessed numerous Venaseal, Varithena, and thermal ablations as well as numerous cardiac and peripheral catheterizations, balloon dilation, transthoracictransesophageal echo, nuclear stress tests, and IVUS Additionally, I participated in patient rounds in the wards and intensive care units at HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest.

I had a great opportunity to use my teaching abilities by guiding new externs through the EMR and imparting everything I learned. All of these experiences and activities have improved my capacity for teamwork, leadership, and communication.
For the Journal Club, I had the chance to discuss research topic on the “Effects of Fatty Acid Therapy in Addition to Strong Statin on Coronary Plaque in Acute Coronary Syndrome: An Optical Coherence Tomography Study.” He complimented my preparation, knowledge of the subject, and presentational confidence.

Overall, I had a really well-rounded experience that satisfied all of my requirements for a high-quality externship. I’ll bring this forward in my professional career, and I’m confident that this experience will benefit me in both my upcoming internship year and residency.

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