Month: November 2021

Why Do I Have Heart Palpitations After Eating My Meals?

Nov 30, 2021

Heart flutters are not always magical. A heart beating too fast or skipping a beat in medical terms is known as palpitation. Heart palpitations are noticeable in the chest, neck, or even the throat. They are common, usually not harmful, and resolve easily on their own. Many reasons are linked to heart palpitations, anxiety, stress, […]

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Does Crease In Earlobe Mean I Have A Heart Disease?

Nov 15, 2021

Our heart and head are connected to each other, and most times, heart diseases are indicated by the change in physical appearance of organs. One such change is the development of a crease in the earlobe. You might be wondering, what does crease in the earlobe have to do with heart disease? Read on to […]

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